22nd District DEC

January 14, 2018 – Post 521 – 2 P.M.

Cmdr Mitchell of the 22nd District called the District DEC to order at 2:15 pm.  After opening ceremonies, payer was given by District Chaplain Leavell.  Roll call of District Officers, Posts and Committee Chairmen were taken by District Adjutant Dan King.  There were 9 District Officers, 7 Posts and 10 Committeemen present.  Also present were 3 members of The American Legion and 3 guests.

Cmdr Mitchell then introduced the following personnel:  Butch Sparks (National Executive Committman and past Department Commander); Lynn Sparks (past Department Commander and past 2nd Division Commander); Dan King (past 2nd Division Commander) and the following past 22nd District Commanders:  Butch Sparks, Lynn Sparks, Dan King, Tom Larsen, Bill Manbeck and Juan Torres Jr.

Motion by Joseph Thomas to suspend the reading of the minutes of the last DEC, due to minutes being presented to the body.  2nd.  Motion carried.


Lynn Sparks, District Finance Officer, presented the District Finance Report to the body (atch).  After some discussion, motion by Butch Sparks to accept the finance report as presented and file for audit.  2nd.  Motion carried.

Chaplain Leavell reported that there is one member of Post 490 in the hospital.

Service Officer Greg Treacy gave numerous reports concerning Veteran Claims (atch).

Sgt-At-Arms Chavez reported that there are 23 personnel present for the DEC.

Baseball Chairman David Scuicllo reported that he is working with a gentleman from Clear Lake on help on obtaining the fields for the District Baseball next year.  Cost to use the fields and etc will follow at a later date.

Boys State Chairman Bill Manbeck reported that the dates for Boys State this year will be from June 10th thru the 15th, and that the cost is still $295.00 per boy and the bus fare is $65.00 per boy.  Bill also made a motion that he be allowed to sign the contract for the buses this year at a cost of $4096.72 for 2 buses.  2nd.  Motion carried.

22nd District Vice Cmdr Sheryll Jones gave the District Membership report (atch).  We have three (3) Posts in the District that have made the 80% mark; those being Post 490 (114.65%), Post 654 (82.92%) and Post 164 (81.42%).

Sheryll also gave the Oratorical Contest results that were held yesterday at Post 490.  We had three (3) students that competed.  1 from Post 490, 1 from Post 521 and 1 from Post 416.  The boy (Adarsh Suresh) from Post 490 won the contest and will represent the 22nd District at the 2nd Division contest that will be held in Beaumont at Post 817 on February 11th.

Dan King, SAL Advisor gave the District SAL report.  We have 4 Squadrons that are going a good job on membership and 1 Squadron just floating along.  The 22nd District SAL stands in 11th Place in Department.

VA&R Chairman James King spoke about VA Benefits at the VA Hospital and types of discharges.



Lynn Sparks reported that she has received an invoice for District Web-site in the amount of $142.96.  Lynn made a motion that she be allowed to pay this invoice.  2nd.  Motion carried.

Motion by Commander of Post 164 that the 22nd District Web-master be replaced as he isn’t doing his job in keeping the District Web-site up to date.  2nd.  Motion carried.  Commander to appoint a new District Web-master.

Butch Sparks made a motion to merge the members of Post 366 into Post 164.  Also that the District Vice Cmdr submits a resolution to allow the members to go into Post 164 and that the Post Commander of Post 164 submits a resolution to allow those members to be transferred into Post 164.  2nd.  Motion carried.

Joseph Thomas read two (2) Resolutions for Indorsement to the body:

            1 – Election Officers at the District Level

            2 – Spouses of The American Legion (Male)

Joseph Thomas made a motion that the 22nd District indorse both of these 2 Resolutions and that they be forwarded onto Department for action.  2nd.  Motion carried. (atch)

At this time Guest Ms. Keli Chevalier spoke to the body about a program that helps Homeless Veterans.  After numerous discussions, no action was taken.

Commander Mitchell reminded everyone that the next DEC will be held at Post 164 in Katy, on February 18th (3rd Sunday), as the 2nd Sunday will be the Division Oratorical Contest.

Commander Mitchell also reminded everyone that the 22nd District Spring Convention will be held on March 17th, at American Legion Post 490 (Saturday only).  He asked everyone that is running for a District Officers position to have their Resolution made up and submit it at the District Convention.

There being no further business to come before this DEC, closing prayer was given by District Chalain Leavell.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.


Dan King, 22nd District Adjutant                                   Jimmy Mitchell, 22nd District Commander