22nd District DEC – Post 472

October 8, 2017

22nd District Commander Jimmy Mitchell called the 22nd District DEC to order at 2:10 pm.  After opening ceremonies, prayer was given by Commander Mitchell.  Roll call of District Officers, Post Commanders and Committee Chairmen were taken by District Adjutant Dan King.  There were four (4) District Officers, six (6) Post Commanders and six (6) Committee Chairmen present.  Also there were 11 members present.

Commander Mitchell introduced the following Past Commanders:  2nd Division Commander Dan King, and past District Commanders:  Bill Manbeck, Tom Larsen, Terry Messinger, Juan Torres and Dan King.


Vice Cmdr Jones gave the District Membership Report.  Sheryll gave the Post standings and also reported that the District is still in first place in the State.

Adjutant King gave the Finance Report in Lynn Sparks absent.  Motion by Dan King to accept the finance report as reported and file for audit.  2nd.  Motion carried.

Joseph Thomas gave the Scout Report.  JT reported that girls can now join the Boy Scouts.  There was a lot of discussion on this report.

Bill Manbeck gave the Boys State report.  Bill reported that the cost per boy is still $295.00.  The date for next year will be from June 10th thru the 15, 2018.  He stated that the Post should start working on this program now and get the paperwork submitted early.  He also gave his Community Service Report.  Bill reported that the old WW 1 Flag that use to fly in Post 416 will be presented to Hayes High School on November 9th, at 10 am.

Sheryll Jones gave the Oratorical report.  Sheryll again reminded everyone of the dates for the District, Division and State Contest.

Dan King gave the SAL report.  Squadrons are doing okay, but could do better.


Cmdr Mitchell read a Thank You card from Miss Christina Bellafranico for receiving the Nurses Scholarship.




Joseph Thomas made a motion to transfer $592.93 from the Boy Scout account to the Oratorical account.  2nd.  Motion carried.

Joseph Thomas gave a report of “Disaster Preparedness Plan” for the 22nd District.  JT then made a motion for the District to accept this Plan.  2nd.  Carried. (Atch)  Note:  Copies will be given out to the Posts at the next DEC meeting.

There being no further business to come before this District, closing prayer was given by Commander Mitchell.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 pm.



DAN KING                                                                                JIMMY MITCHELL

22ND District Adjutant                                                              22nd District Commander