22nd District DEC Post 490

April 30, 2017 2 P.M.

Commander Mitchell called the 22nd District DEC to order at 2 pm. After opening ceremonies, prayer was given by Tom Larsen. Roll call of District Officers, Post Commanders and Committee Chairmen were taken by Adjutant King. There were 6 District Officers, six (6) Posts and nine (9) committeemen present.


Commander then introduced the following Past Commanders: Butch Sparks current National Executive Committeemen, Past Department Commander; Lynn Sparks Past Department Commander and past 2nd Division Commander, Dan King Past 2nd Division Commander and the following as Past 22nd District Commanders: Butch Sparks Lynn Sparks Tom Larsen Bill Manbeck and Dan King.


Butch Sparks made a motion to suspend with the reading of the previous DEC minutes of February 2017, as they were presented to the body. 2nd. Motion carried.




Finance Officer Lynn Sparks presented the District Finance Report to the body. Lynn Sparks made a motion to accept the report as presented and file for audit. 2nd. After some discussion, motion carried. (atch)


Vice Commander Sheryll Jones gave the District Membership Report (atch). The District is still in first place in the state. Also Butch Sparks stated that we have a couple of posts that not doing anything toward membership and also they are not in attendance today.


District Judge Advocate Butch Sparks stated that we will have to change our Constitution and By-Laws, as Department as stated that only the District Commander and District Vice Commander can hold officer for two years. The balance of the District Officers has to be elected each year. Joseph Thomas stated that he will have his Post write a Resolution changing that policy.


Sgt-At- Arms Chavez reported that we have a total of 17 attending this DEC.


Americanism Chairman Felix White e-mailed his report to the District Adjutant (atch). District Adjutant King read his report.


Boys Scouts Chairman Joseph Thomas reported that Post 490 is in the process of getting a Scout Troop.


John Cronin of Post 490 and David Saucxilo of Post 319 are getting together to get American Legion Baseball back into the District. John stated that next year the District should have 5 to 6 teams.


Children & Youth Chairman Tom Larsen reported that he will be presenting ROTC awards to area High Schools.


SAL Chairman Dan King reported that the District has 2 Squadrons that are at 100% or better in the District.


Boys State Chairman Bill Manbeck reported we will have 62 boys to attend the Boys State Orientation meeting on May 13th at Post 521. Bill also stated that the boys will be picked up at Post 490 and Post 164 On June 11th and they will return on June 17th. We still have a few Posts that have not sent in their paperwork for Boys State and Department reported that they only have 24 slots left.






Lynn Sparks made a motion that the District put on an ALEI Course at Post 490 in possible June of this year and have a Training Session in August. 2nd. Motion carried.


Butch Sparks made a motion that the District presents a $50.00 basket to the 2nd Division Convention this year. 2nd. Motion carried.


There was a lot of discussion concerning Women Veterans spouses about joining the American Legion. Joseph Thomas of Post 521 will write a resolution to Department asking that National Come up with a program for this purpose.


There being no further business to come before this DEC, closing prayer was given by Tom Larsen.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.




DAN KING, 22nd District Adjutant JIMMY MITCHELL, 22nd District Commander